NSW Government Schools

Brief introduction to NSW Government Schools

The New South Wales (NSW) government school system is the largest education network in Australia.Our education system is recognised for its excellent quality, high academic outcomes, diverse curriculum with a broad range of subjects, and the innovative use of digital classroom technology.

Over 200 schools across Sydney and NSW can enrol international students and offer them an exciting opportunity to live and learn in a safe and friendly multicultural community.

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Why do students choose to study in a New South Wales government school?

* Students who successfully complete their high school studies in NSW will receive an internationally recognised high school qualification, the Higher School Certificate (HSC), which enables them direct entry to universities in Australia and overseas.

* NSW government schools are known for their academic excellence and exceptional teaching standards. Our highly qualified and university trained teachers are committed to supporting and helping students to develop the confidence and skills that they need to succeed in the rapidly changing global environment.

* Our curriculum, learning outcomes and integrated welfare support programs are highly regarded worldwide. The NSW school curriculum offers a wide range of subjects, allowing students the opportunity to tailor their studies to their interests. Extracurricular activities and leadership programs also help students to develop future focused capabilities and skills.

* We have 15 Intensive English Centres that offer individual care and support to help students build their confidence and improve their English language skills. Students will learn English in a small class environment with supportive English as a Second Language teachers, helping to prepare them for their high school studies.

Student services and facilities

Our schools are dedicated to creating positive and enriching learning environments where students can achieve their potential. Students have access to a wide support network of teachers and support staff. At school, in addition to classroom teaching, students will be supported by:

- an international student coordinator

- a year adviser

- school counsellor

- English language support teachers, and

- student welfare teams

Students who study at a NSW government school have access to world-class facilities, including modern science facilities, gymnasiums, performing arts studios and sports facilities. Information technology is integrated throughout the curriculum, with the use of smart boards, computers, 3D printing labs and laptops. All schools have wireless internet and students can bring their own laptops for classroom learning and personal study.

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Visit https://www.deinternational.nsw.edu.au/